These exchanges allowed the Government to maintain contact with business leaders and to take stock of their current investment projects in France. This meeting was an opportunity for President Emmanuel Macron to reaffirm his commitment to pursue economic policies that are favorable to investment, and to enhance the economic attractiveness of the French economy.

This “pro-business” agenda, which has already strengthened France’s attractiveness, is reflected in the recent France Relance recovery plan, which offers numerous opportunities to companies. The recovery plan also contributes to accelerating the in-depth transformation of the French economy towards greater sustainability.

This long-term dynamic must be part of a broader collective reflection on how to rethink and reorient our economic models for a more resilient and fairer post-COVID world.

For further information regarding this event, please contact the French Treasury’s unit for Economic Attractiveness (Bilat5). The President’s speech is available online (in french).

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